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People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons. You may have experienced loss or trauma, or be navigating a particularly challenging life event or transition. Perhaps you are dealing with a specific mental health difficulty that you want support to manage.

You may be feeling stuck in life and are unsure how to move forward, or perhaps school, work or relationship issues are getting you down. You may simply want to feel a bit better than you do right now.

No matter what has brought you here, therapy is a warm and supportive space in which to explore your thoughts and feelings, and reflect on your hopes for the future. Therapy is a space for you.


What can therapy help with?

Your Identity

Everyone deserves the opportunity to tell their story. Therapy offers space to consider your personal narrative and explore what makes you who you are. This can involve reflecting on the life experiences that have shaped you, identifying and challenging any shame you may carry, exploring the role of your culture and values, and empowering you to embrace your whole self.

Your Self-Esteem

Feeling able to express your needs, celebrate your strengths, forgive your mistakes and be kind to yourself can make a huge difference to the overall quality of your life. Sadly, many of us are weighed down by insecurity, criticism and negative thoughts about ourselves. Therapy can help you to challenge unhelpful beliefs, embrace your unique qualities and grow your confidence.

Your Relationships

Strong, healthy relationships are central to mental wellbeing. Therapy can be a space in which to consider how you relate to others, reflect on your specific patterns of behaviour, and explore ways to nurture more positive relationships in your life. It can help build your confidence in expressing your needs and addressing problems, while also empowering you to let go of toxic relationships.

Your Health

There is a clear connection between the health of our mind and the health of our body. The physical effects of unresolved emotional pain can be debilitating, but therapy can help process and release this pain with huge benefits to overall health. It can improve sleep, reduce symptoms of chronic illness, address eating issues, substance use or self-harm, and create a greater sense of wellness.

Your Ability to Cope

Facing life's challenges feels far easier when we have faith in our ability to cope with them. Therapy can help build your resilience by identifying your strengths and inner resources, and finding positive ways to use these. It can support you to better understand your triggers, manage emotional responses and implement healthy and sustainable coping strategies.

Your Future

Hope, control and opportunity are the three key principles of recovery. Without these, it can feel impossible to cope with difficulties and move forward in life. The therapy process can restore your sense of hope for the future, empowering you to take control of your choices, embrace opportunities for healing and growth, and create the life you truly want to lead.


Hello, I'm Jo (she/her)

I am an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist offering online therapy across the UK, and outdoor therapy in natural spaces around Cornwall.

I offer a warm, supportive and inclusive space in which you can feel safe to be your authentic self. My approach is non-judgemental, affirming and collaborative.

At the heart of my work is the belief that you are the expert in your own life. As an integrative therapist, I draw upon a range of tools and therapeutic interventions to support our work together.

Above all, my goal as your therapist is to build a safe and trusting relationship through which you can feel empowered to create positive, meaningful and sustainable change in your life.


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